Multi-Channel eCommerce

Multi-channel commerce is when sellers decide to sell on multiple online marketplaces rather than just their website. Many sellers engaging in this type of eCommerce will enlist the services of a multi-channel listing software to help organize and manage their online business processes.

Multi-channel eCommerce software

Multi-channel software selling for eBay and multi-channel selling software for Amazon allows for sellers to integrate quickly and easily with shopping carts, shipping carriers, and stay organized through various business processes like inventory, shipping, transactions, and more.

Why sell on multiple channels?

Though selling on multiple marketplaces might seem daunting at first, once you find products that are high in demand and have low costs, it is time to start looking at other marketplaces so you can expand your customer base and increase your profits margins. Each marketplace has their seller fees. For Amazon, there are fulfillment and variable fees. On eBay, there are insertion and final value fees. Additionally, on Walmart, there are referral fees. Become familiar with each of these fees and other characteristics of each marketplace. Here are some of the fundamental differences:

Key points regarding various marketplaces:

Amazon: Your goal should be to win the Amazon Buy Box. The winner of the Buy Box is determined using Amazon’s specific algorithm based on several factors such as a seller’s feedback score, inventory stock, shipping speed if a seller is an FBM or FBA seller, and many other factors. Amazon is more buyer oriented like Walmart in contrast to eBay.

eBay: Unlike Amazon and Walmart, eBay acts as an online auction house and is far more seller oriented than Amazon. eBay actively seeks out buyers, unlike Amazon and Walmart. eBay sells more used items than does Walmart or Amazon and can be integrated with PayPal.

Walmart: To be a Walmart seller, you need to apply on their site, and you will hear back within 1-2 weeks. Walmart tends to have less competition than the other two marketplaces. Like Amazon, your goal should be to win the Walmart Buy Box by keeping your stock numbers updated and offer free or very cheap shipping.

To help you sell on multiple channels, consider using Amazon MCF. Also, check out our blog which discusses why you should diversify your sales mix!

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