A manufacturer part number (or MPN) is compiled of a series of numbers and/or letters that have been assigned to a part by a manufacturer and serves as a product identifier. MPNs are used to identify parts either originated from or belonging to a specific manufacturer. This means, if two products or parts come from two different manufacturers then they would have two separate and different MPNs. Manufacturer part numbers are crucial for online sellers as they help to correctly identify exact parts, as well as safeguard against counterfeit parts.

Product identifiers make the lives of manufacturers, sellers, and buyers easier as everyone can quickly identify particular products with that item’s unique code. A product identifier serves as the universal language of a given marketplace, and easy access to these codes can accelerate a seller’s processes and ensure exactness in their business.

The Algopix platform allows sellers to seamlessly and instantly convert product identifiers (for example EAN to ASIN). By doing this, online sellers can more quickly identify products and coordinate with manufacturers, as well as use our bulk analysis tool to gain near-instant access to crucial product information like performance, history, and associated fees.

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