Listing Optimization

Listing optimization refers to when sellers try to most effectively list their products online to increase their sales. Amazon listing optimization is connected to Amazon’s A9 search engine. This search engine means that the way Amazon sellers optimize a product on Amazon marketplaces is inherently different that optimization in other platforms like Google and eBay. Using primary (keywords in your product description) and hidden keywords (keywords in the backend of your listing), product titles and descriptions, and other tools and ensure your product gets seen by potential customers.

Similarly to Amazon, eBay listing optimization requires eBay sellers pay careful attention to item specifics (this is done when creating a new listing), added relevant keywords, and writing a thoughtful and clear “about me” section. Additionally, your store name and images can impact optimization so ensure your store name is straightforward and your pictures are clear, have descriptive names, and include alt text.

Here are some more tips to help sellers with listing optimization:


    • Product title: Your title should be an accurate description of the product you are selling. The more detailed your title, the higher the chance a customer will click on it.
    • Item specifications: When you enter the item specifics when listing a product, they become the filters for customers to click when searching for a product so don’t ignore them.
    • Categories: Keep the categories in which you sell relevant to the product you are selling.
    • Item description: A detailed and well-worded item description will increase your ranking in the search results to the extent you use relevant keywords.
    • Actively work to increase your positive ratings: Your ranking on online marketplaces is partially determined by the amount of positive or negative feedback you receive from customers. Improve your customer service, and you will increase your positive ratings.
    • Free shipping: Customers prefer products with free shipping. Consider adding the cost of shipping into your product price to offer the attractive option of free shipping to customers. Free shipping can help with cart abandonment and even grow your online business.
  • Visuals: Make sure the photos you post are high quality, show the size of the products, and add photos of your products from multiple angles. The more accurate the images are, the higher the chance the customer will be satisfied.

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