Landing Page

This is the section of the webpage where a visitor “lands” when they click on a hyperlink like a Google Adwords ad. Their main objective is the call to action and usually only has one to two links.

How can I create an effective landing page?

1. Clean, organized design: Your landing page should be organized and easy to navigate. Use sharp colors and high definition images. Most importantly, make sure there is a high contrast between the button color and the background.

2. Minimalist: Less is more. Avoid adding any sort of distractions to your pages like pop-ups The most effective landing pages provide users with the necessary information and nothing more. Make sure the info at the front can be easily scanned.

3. Use a header: Use a header that clearly promotes your site’s offerings.

4. Trust signals: Showcase any of your site’s endorsements to indicate to your visitors that your brand is trustworthy.

5. Make your page mobile friendly: Because 30% of all web activity comes from cellphones, make sure your page can be viewed easily from a mobile device.

6. Keep forms short: It is important your visitors fill out short forms or can submit information easily and without too much effort.

7. Adapt your landing page for different audiences: Customize your landing page as your visitors will be coming from different sources such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your users will be very different ages, demographics, etc. and it is important you target them differently.

8. Test it!: Check to make sure your landing page works before posting it.

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