eBay Fees

eBay fees are the fees associated with selling a product on an eBay marketplace. eBay has two main kinds of costs: insertion and final value.

Insertion Fees
Insertion fees are the amount of money eBay charges the seller for selling an item on their marketplace. Here are some notes about insertion fees:

  • Fees can vary: The associated fees can vary based on which category and how many categories in which the seller chooses to list any given item.
  • Zero Fee Listings: Sellers without eBay stores receive 50 zero insertion fee listings. If you have an eBay store, you will receive more zero insertion fee listings. If you are a private seller, you only receive these zero insertion fees when you list in the country in which you are registered.
  • Non Refundable: Insertion fees are nonrefundable meaning that if your item doesn’t sell, you still have to pay eBay the insertion fee amount.
  • Duplicate Listings and Multiple Items: Duplicate listings are subject to fees for both items. Multiple listings with item variations only require one listing fee.

Final Value Fee
A final value fee is a fee eBay charges to the extent your item sells that is calculated as a percentage of the total amount the customer pays for the item including shipping and handling. Final value fees are not charged when an item doesn’t sell.

Accurately Anticipate Fees
eBay seller fees can be daunting at first glance to a new seller. eBay PayPal fees, insertion fees, and final value fees can require hours of research to accurately predict which products will produce revenue and which products will be a too costly expenditure. With an eBay store fees calculator, online sellers can receive direct insights into market demand, fees, and product performance, all within moments.

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