eBay DSR (Detailed Seller Rating)

In addition to leaving a general rating on eBay of either negative, neutral, or positive, customers have the option to leave specific feedback on eBay for up to 60 days following their purchase on eBay in conjunction with the overall rating. This type of review is known as an eBay DSR, or an eBay detailed seller rating.

eBay DSR ratings can be submitted when customers fill out a feedback form and rate the following regarding their purchase:

  • How accurate was the item description?
  • How satisfied were you with the seller’s communication?
  • How quickly did the seller dispatch the item?
  • How reasonable were the postage and packaging charges?

eBay detailed seller ratings are calculated on a scale from 1 to 5, with one being the lowest and five being the highest. Seller rating on eBay doesn’t affect a seller’s overall feedback score. Ratings will appear when a minimum of ten has been received.

To improve your seller rating, be sure you emphasize accurately describing your product. Be specific regarding size, weight and any other essential characteristics so that the customer is not surprised from any aspect of the product. Also critical to seller ratings is customer care and support. This includes responding to emails and calls promptly and using a friendly and open tone of communicating with customers. Additionally, a quick dispatch time can improve seller rating, and it is recommended that sellers offer tracking numbers so customers can remain aware of their package arrival timeline.

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