CTA (Call to Action)

A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term used in advertising and selling to prompt an immediate response or to encourage a quick sale by a customer. A CTA is typically a short phrase that is intended to persuade the customer to complete an action. Call to actions can be crucial for e-commerce sellers and you sometimes need that last push or a bit of encouragement when convincing your customers to buy your product.

There has been vast research performed on CTAs, which are most effective and why. Sellers should make sure their call to actions are relevant both to their product and to their customer base.

CTA Tips:

  • Use a strong and confident voice. Phrases like, “you won’t want to miss this” or “you’re going to love this” allow you to speak to customers with passion and certainty.
  • Be creative. Often the most successful CTAs are the most creative ones. So don’t be afraid to be humorous, original, and authentic– and of course, think outside of the box.
  • Give your audience a reason to complete your desired action. Offer an incentive like a discount to encourage customers to complete the sale.
  • Use numbers when you can to amp up the effectiveness of your offer. For example, “90% of customers said this product changed their lives.”
  • Use words that produce excitement. A compelling call to actions can also be emotional, fun, and encouraging.


  • Get started
  • Smash your competition
  • Join & get one month free
  • Don’t miss another minute
  • Give _____ a try!

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