How to create an eBay listing

The first step towards getting your products in front of buyers is to create an eBay listing. Learning how to create a listing on eBay is simple, and you need to follow these steps:

  • Click “Sell an Item” on your eBay account.
  • Come up with a descriptive title for your product.
  • Condition: Describe the status of your product (new, like new, used, poor).
  • Color: Input the color.
  • Pictures: Upload clear and accurate images of your products.
  • Description: Describe your product in detail, and include the item condition, product materials, how it will be shipped, dimensions, etc. The more specific info, the merrier.
  • Pricing: Input your starting price for the auction house and when you want the auction to close. You can also add a “Buy Now” price.
  • Shipping: Input the shipping details for your product.
  • Return Policy: Input your return policy.
  • Press Continue
  • You’re finished!

How to create multiple listings on eBay

Sellers have the option to list various items in a single listing, providing they have more than one identical item to sell. eBay recommends that sellers choose a longer duration for the auction time, like 10-day, 30-day, or Good ‘Til Cancelled. Selling multiple identical items at a fixed price can improve your standing in customer search results as it will maximize your position in “Best Match” (this is eBay’s default search order for customer searches, and helps them find items most relevant sold by trusted sellers).

How to create an eBay listing template

eBay listing templates save sellers time and resources since they do not require sellers to begin from scratch every time a new item is listed. Templates ensure buyers receive consistent information across the entirety of your listings. It’s easy to make a change on your existing templates as they can be edited, renamed, or deleted.

What products should you list?

Each marketplace functions differently, and what works in one marketplace won’t necessarily translate smoothly to another. It’s essential to use an eBay fees calculator when discerning what products will work best in your listings.

Take the time to understand the difference between an eBay listing and an eBay store. With proper due diligence, sellers can hit the ground running.

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