Cassini Search Engine

The Cassini search engine is eBay’s internal search engine which helps customers find the most relevant items on the marketplace in order to increase their chance of completing a transaction. An algorithm determines how items are ranked on the marketplace and can have a significant impact on an eBay seller.

Cassini tracks the following information about items:

  • Viewed
  • Clicked On
  • Bid On
  • Purchased

When you are selling a product, Cassini tracks the following information:

  • Return policy
  • Response time
  • Product info
  • Item descriptions
  • Click through and sell-through rates
  • Seller ratings and feedback
  • Shipping policies and delivery times

How to beat the algorithm and appear higher in the search results:

  1. Product title: Your product titles should be an accurate description of the product you are selling. The more detailed your title, the greater the chance a customer will click on it. It will also help your reviews later on when the seller is satisfied they received the product they were expecting.
  2. Item specifications: When entering an item specifications, they become the filters for customers to click when searching for a product. These means these seemingly small details can make all the difference, so don’t ignore them.
  3. Categories: Ensure the products you are selling are highly relevant to the categories you’ve listed them in
  4. Item description: A detailed, thoughtful, and well-worded item description can increase your seller ranking in the search results if you research and implement highly relevant keywords.
  5. Customer feedback: Your ranking is partially determined by the amount of positive or negative feedback you receive from customers. Improve your customer service with open and quick communication, accurate product descriptions and quick shipping, and you can increase your positive reviews.
  6. Free shipping: Customers will almost always prefer products with free shipping. Consider adding the cost of shipping into your product price and listing your product’s shipping as free!
  7. Quality photographs: eBay’s search engine prioritizes listings with high-quality images with a large number of pixels. Ensure these images also clearly and accurately represent your product.

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