A blog is a regularly updated website or online journal typically run by an individual or company to promote their brand, products, or to create a sense of community and communication with customers. Blog posts are usually listed on the homepage on a website with a short summary and button or link to read the whole post. Individuals and large businesses use blog posts to help inform and educate their customers about their businesses or topics related to their businesses.

In general, blogs will have an area for viewers to comment or ask questions which helps businesses create a connection with the site visitors. Blogs are great opportunities to showcase your latest sales, product instructions, and keep customers current with any developments, like new products, you have available.

Steps to Writing a Blog:

Find an Intriguing Topic: Look at website look Google Trend and twitter to help find content ideas. Tie the content to your products or e-commerce business so that the topic remains relevant and interesting for your followers and potential customers.

Write Your Post: Your post should include visual elements every 75-100 words. The post should include a header, introduction, main body, and conclusion. It’s also a great idea to incorporate SEO and to include links to your e-commerce store.

Edit Your Post: Make sure your grammar is correct and that your post is easy to scan. Add keywords and split your post into several smaller paragraphs. Typically the most successful posts are visual and tell a quick story.

Launch and Market Your Post: Promote your post on social media and sent it to your email list. Republish your post on different sites such like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.

Measure Your Performance: Look at the number of blog views and post your blog URL into Twitter to see if anyone is sharing your blog. Follow metrics and analytics to better understand at what time and from what locations people view your post. This will help you to define your audience and target them more effectively.

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