API (Application Programming Interface)

An application programming interface, or API, is the messenger that takes requests on the internet and tells the system what you want to do, and then returns the response to you. When any organization or company offers an API, it means that they’ve input a set of dedicated URLs that will bring back true data responses. Think of when you order food in a restaurant. The API(waiter) delivers your message (your food order) to the system (the kitchen), and they prepare your message (food) and send it back to you through the API (waiter).

Amazon APIs
There is a variety of different APIs for operating systems, websites and apps. Amazon or eBay APIs assist developers in using the existing retail infrastructure to create personalized web stores. Amazon’s API helps sellers also monetize apps and games, with its In-App Purchasing API and Mobile Ads API allows sellers to monetize apps and games through in-app advertising options. Additionally, you can improve experience and user retention through integration with Amazon APIs.

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