Amazon MCF

Amazon MCF (multi-channel fulfillment) is a channel within Amazon FBA where sellers who sell on multiple channels pay an extra fee to have the option of having Amazon fulfill, pack and ship orders in other marketplaces. This option differs from Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM as the online seller can sell in marketplaces outside of Amazon.

Amazon MCF is excellent for multichannel sellers who require scalability, particularly in busy seasons, without increased costs or additional resources. MCF also allows sellers to simplify their operations by managing their business from one single inventory source.

Advantages of being an MCF Seller:

  • Simplify operations: Amazon will handle your all customer service, returns, and will manage your inventory for you. Use Algopix’s Amazon fee calculator to analyze market demand for current and future inventory.
  • Save shipping costs: Amazon MCF allows sellers to process many orders at the same time which will enable them to save on shipping costs as large-quantity orders can be processed at the same time.
  • Branding options: Amazon gives the options for seller branded packing slips and boxes for an additional fee.

Disadvantages of being an MCF Seller:

  • Complicated fees: As with being an FBA Seller, Amazon has complicated fees based on the size and weight of products as well as where they are being shipped and how long the products are being held in their inventory.
  • Return box: As with FBA sellers, you will receive a large box with all of the returned products. This creates a potential risk of customer fraud more than with FBM sellers who can match the returned product with the customer.
  • Complete reliance on Amazon: Similar to FBA sellers, if a customer has an issue with a product or if the wrong product is sent out to a customer, then that item will either need to be removed or sent back to you. Because you do not have access to the inventory, you rely on the warehouse staff to make sure the orders are fulfilled correctly and promptly.

Branding: All of the shipping boxes with your products will have Amazon branding on them. This makes it more challenging to build a reputation and form a connection with your customers.

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