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Many sellers want to know both what is an Amazon Buy Box and how to win the Amazon Buy Box. The Amazon seller Buy Box is a white box to the right side of the page that gives users the option to add your product to their cart or to make a purchase instantly. How to get a Buy Box on Amazon is not so simple as not everyone is eligible. Let’s explain…

Buy Box Requirements
A valuable piece of real estate on Amazon’s marketplaces is the elusive Buy Box. To be eligible for the Buy Box you must have a professional seller account, eligibility (this can be seen in Amazon Seller Central), your product must be a new item (used items can be sold in a Used Buy Box), and of course, your product should be available and in stock.

Customer Approach
Online sellers with outstanding seller metrics, high-quality products, and excellent customer service gain access to the Amazon Buy Box. It’s not a perfect science, but generally, Amazon determines the winner of the Buy Box by considering fulfillment, weighing, and the seller’s rating which can include ratings.

Are your products eligible?
In your Amazon Seller Central account, you can ensure your products are available to be featured in the Buy Box. In the “Manage Inventory” section, you will be able to see which of your products are available for this option and which are ineligible. From there you can take the necessary steps to rectify the situation. Additionally, if your products are being featured in the Buy Box, you can view reports in Seller Central that will detail your product’s percentage of time highlighted in the box.

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