A9 Search Engine

To put it simply, A9 is the name for Amazon’s search engine. The“A” of A9 refers to the word “algorithms” (there are nine letters have the A). The A9 Search Engine is a subsidiary of Amazon which provides a personalized and unique search experience for customers on Amazon marketplaces.

Amazon ranks products for specific keywords results and are based on numerous factors including reviews, fulfillment method, shipping speed, and price; however, the primary consideration is conversions (how often the customer buys the product after searching for the product).

Currently, A9 has development efforts in crucial areas related to Amazon sellers and Amazon vendors in product search, cloud, visual search, augmented reality, advertising technology and more.

Essential features of the A9 Search Engine include:

  • Bookmarks: A9 lets users store bookmarks on the A9 server.
  • Diary: This allows users to take notes on any of the websites they visit. The notes are stored on the A9 server.
  • Highlight: A9 displays the search times and tells the customer how many times these terms appear on a user’s result page.
  • Automatic list: This automatic list stores all sites searched for in the toolbar to make it easier for the customer to navigate the site.
  • Site info: Users can view information about a site before they visit it as well as receive information about related sites like how often the site is visited, the speed of the site, other sites that visitors frequent, and the site reviews.
  • History checker: The customer’s web browsing history can be saved in the toolbar and customers can search past search histories or clear them. This feature allows A9 to recommend new sites and tell the user the last time they visited the website.

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