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Liquidity Services was founded in 1999 to try and solve a market need in reverse supply chain. The founders understood that the secondary market was dominated by liquidators with a “buy low, sell high” mentality. Many sellers looked at their surplus inventory as a missed opportunity, paving the way for Liquidity Services to solve this problem that many sellers face across the world. That is when the company established, a B2B online platform that enables buyers to source bulk amounts of surplus inventory and ultimately maximizing the value of their overstock. Liquidity Services provides a range of innovative eCommerce solutions that enable sellers to manage, value, and sell inventory.


Liquidity Services Marketplaces

Liquidity Services offers a variety of wholesale liquidation services to match your needs as an online seller. Liquidity Service has 3 main marketplaces,, Direct, and Secondipity:

  1. is the Liquidity Services marketplace that allows buyers to purchase commercial surplus inventory and surplus government assets online. When you sell on, products can be offered by the truckload, pallet, small package and can range from brand new items to used or returned products. sells bulk quantities of over 500 different types of products. offers their services worldwide, with over 3 million customers in nearly 200 countries and territories.
  2. Direct Liquidation is the Liquidity Service marketplace that specializes in reselling reverse supply chain merchandise from Amazon liquidations, Walmart Liquidations, and other sources. Reverse supply chain refers to the movement of goods from customer to vendor and typically is the result of product returns or remanufacturing activities. Direct Liquidation has a proven history of successfully being able to sell various types of products from electronics, apparel, footwear, toys, furniture, entertainment, and general merchandise categories. Direct Liquidation conducts purchases via auctions. Direct Liquidation auctions give buyers access to bulk lots of wholesale and discount goods at prices they are comfortable paying.
  3. Secondipity is the Liquidity Services marketplace that focuses on sourcing return and overstock items at extremely discounted prices. Secondipity’s motto is ‘Better Value, Better Life’, explaining why they consistently give back to the community. Secondipity is partnered with, an organization that works with teachers from all over the US. Secondipity donates a portion of every one of its sales to help children in public schools learn to love planet earth. Secondipity has access to returned and extra inventory from half of the top consumer brands and retailers.

How it Works

In order to benefit from Liquidity Services you need to follow these steps:

  1. Build your branded store/marketplace. Liquidity Services can help you start branded stores on some of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces out there, including eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and their own marketplace, Secondipity. Additionally, they can even assist in creating a standalone marketplace under your own brand.
  2. Set Up Product Listings. Liquidity Services will analyze your inventory and inventory flow and help set you up for success. They will create competitive pricing for your products, SKUs, as well as create the product listing on multiple marketplace platforms. They will then handle the sales and revenue of your store.
  3. Logistics and Fulfillment. Prior to selling your products, Liquidity Services will receive your product shipments, organize them with pictures and detailed descriptions and even repackage them if necessary. Additionally, post-sale they will organize dropshipping at inexpensive bulk rates.
  4. Customer Support. No matter what point of the sale: pre, during or post, Liquidity Services will help answer questions and concerns buyers may have and handle any necessary returns or refunds.
  5. Analytics. After you complete a sale with Liquidity Services, they will provide you with detail analytics containing information on the number of bids and buyers, recovery achieved, and various other insights.


Direct Liquidation, Secondipity and seller fees vary depending on the product. For example:

  • Consumer electronics fees are 10% of what the item is sold for, or $30, whichever is greater
  • All other categories fees are 15% of the sale, or $30, whichever is greater

Why eCommerce with Liquidity Services

Liquidity Services is a proven leader in the reverse supply chain field. There are many benefits of selling on, Direct Liquidation, and Secondipity. First and foremost, they simplify selling for their eCommerce clients. Liquidity Services handles all aspects of your marketplace experience, starting from initial store setup, sales management, fulfillment support, and customer support. The services they provide will limit the number of resources you need in order to turn a profit from your eCommerce business. Another benefit of Liquidity Services is that it helps you provide a well managed, professional presence on multiple eCommerce sites. This leads to a positive brand experience, increasing trust and loyalty which will lead to more sales down the road.

Liquidity Services and Algopix

With the variety of products listed across the various Liquidity Services marketplaces, you are bound to find viable products to offer on your online store. However, while some products might seem viable, you never know how different products will sell across different marketplaces and in different countries. That is why many eCommerce sellers utilize Algopix, a product market research tool, prior to sourcing products. With a connection to 16 international eBay, Amazon and Walmart marketplaces, Algopix is the dynamic research tool you need to ensure that you offer the right products that will net the profit margins you desire. Algopix will analyze demand, marketplace fees, expenses (e.g. shipping, taxes, PayPal), and estimated profit margins. Additionally, the Algopix Total Sales estimator will provide insights on the monthly sales volume and the gross merchandise volume across Amazon, eBay and Walmart. The insights Algopix provides will allow you to make smarter business decisions, lower risk, and increase your bottom line.

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