Amazon Reviews

Amazon seller reviews are evaluations left by customers after completing a transaction on Amazon.  Customers can rate Amazon sellers on a scale from 1 to 5, with one being the lowest and five being the highest. To leave a review, customers must go to the product detail page and then has the option to issue either a video or written review.

Amazon reviews have the potential to significantly affect a seller’s rating, which affects various factors from a seller’s apparent trustworthiness to a change at the elusive Amazon Buy Box.

How can you increase positive reviews?

  • Focus on customer service! For both eBay and Amazon, sellers should focus on trying to improve their shipping speed and lowering their refund rate to below 2.5%.
  • To help with your seller ratings, it’s recommended that sellers send a follow-up email to customers after delivery, and respond to emails from customers no later than 24 hours after it was sent.
  • Defect rates are based on credit card chargebacks, negative feedback, and A-Z claims. To help keep this rate below 1%, make sure to test your product beforehand and respond to customer feedback promptly.

Fake reviews on Amazon

Fake reviews go against Amazon’s terms of service, and are a widespread problem on Amazon and have caused massive damage to many honest sellers accounts. In pursuing fake reviews for their stores, as seen in many Amazon third-party seller reviews, sellers are attempting to increase sales through high star ratings.

Amazon has cracked down on the review problem with Amazon verified purchases, which require the customer to have a password-protected account and a valid credit card. That being said, the fake review epidemic has proven difficult to contain. On the subject of Amazon seller protection reviews, Amazon is working to ensure sellers remain safeguarded against fraud. Sellers can file a claim, have inappropriate feedback removed, and of course, Amazon recommends Amazon FBA to ensure a seller’s protection.

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