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Successful eCommerce data companies can analyze online product sales performance to provide valuable insights about winning brands and noteworthy trends. Yet often, data companies run into problems accurately assessing brand stability over time, understanding category and product trends and evaluating first- vs. third-party sales.

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Algopix for Data Companies provides you with the essential tools you need to analyze eCommerce trends and win market share. By doing so, it helps you with measuring market share and size, forecasting eCommerce sales, and tracking brand performance and key events over time.

With Algopix for Data Companies, you benefit from key features including:

Understand market changes over time

Gain a full understanding on which categories are performing better than the others, Identify popular and stable brand performance across different categories over time, and track dynamic pricing and seasonality of certain products.

Identify eCommerce players

Identify the top sellers and their share within different categories, gain insights on their inventory and their performance.

Understand seasonality and promotions effect on sales

Track key events that affect eCommerce such as Amazon Prime Day, Alibaba Singles Day, Superbowl, holidays and Black Friday in real time.

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“In order to run a business today, it can’t be done based on gut instincts. You have to use the data to justify your decisions. That’s how Algopix helps.”

Rich Weymer, Discount Gadgets & More

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