Gain Accurate, Real-Time Insights and Forecasts into eCommerce

See the bigger picture, predict trends, streamline investments, and generate better forecasts with access to real-time eCommerce data.

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Your company has built itself on being able to provide valuable insights about winning brands and noteworthy trends. However, you cannot effectively do that if you're unable to assess long-term brand stability, differentiate first- and third-party sales, or understand ongoing eCommerce trends.

Here's how Algopix for Data Companies & Hedge Funds can help:

Forecast market shifts

Understand product and brand stability based on both historic and real-time data. See a big-picture overview of the most promising categories.

Discover promising brands

Gain insights on sellers and their market share across multiple categories. Evaluate inventory and performance to zero-in on investment prospects.

Generate more accurate insights

Arrange data based on extensive, granular metrics. Differentiate between different sales, categories, and segments with ease.

Account for seasonality

Track key events such as Amazon Prime Day, Alibaba Singles Day, Superbowl, holidays and Black Friday in real-time.

A data company is only as good as their analytics tools. Algopix can help you become great.
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“In order to run a business today, it can’t be done based on gut instincts. You have to use the data to justify your decisions. That’s how Algopix helps.”

Rich Weymer, Discount Gadgets & More

Harness the Power of Your eCommerce Data