data collection

What we do

Product Market Research for Amazon & eBay Sellers

Analyze market demand, possible margins, and shipping for over 70K online sellers.

Algopix is a comprehensive product market research platform that provides essential data to analyze market demand, possible margins, shipping costs for current and future inventory, and tax.

Algopix lets sellers know which products are recommended for buying and selling - and which are not, with key relevant data points such as Recommended Market Price, Total Sales Estimation, Competition Analysis, Demand Level, Estimated Profit, and detailed Expenses Breakdown.


  • Product Research and Scouting
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Multi-Channel product data


  • Product analysis: Input a product identifier and we will analyze the validity of selling the product.
  • Sales and expense: Sales estimator, pricing, and demand overview.
  • Product recommendations: Product sourcing recommendation according to the data collected

How we do it

Algopix aggregates sales data from over 70K sellers into a comprehensive dataset combined with publically available data which enables complete and accurate market analysis, to help sellers make the best sourcing and selling decisions.

Our automated data collection process uses Luminati as our IPPN, which is the only fully compliant IPPN in the world.