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Algopix for Brands provides you with the essential tools you need to win eCommerce market share, including superior eCommerce segmentation, product catalog management and retail tracking. Using Algopix, you can quickly and easily analyze market share gain, discover opportunities and increase brand awareness and revenue.

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Successful online brands must offer competitive products that will yield profits. Yet often, brands lack real-time visibility into their competition, brand ranking, and how their products are marketed and sold by third-party sellers. Without truly understanding the entire eCommerce arena, they risk jeopardizing their brand reputation and losing market share.

With Algopix for Brands, you benefit from key features including:

Analyze and benchmark market share gain or loss cross channels

See how your share is shifting compared to your competitors, understand category total share in real time, and discover new opportunities.

Identify product types trend and popularity as they rise

Identify and respond to product trends change, while identifying market needs in real time.

Respond to rank changes of your products in real time

Monitor ranking changes in real time- making sure your brand products get the maximum traffic, ensure your brand visibility across channels. Track Amazon Prime Day, Alibaba Singles Day, Superbowl, Holidays and Black Friday in real time and make adjustments in real time.

Ensure your brand reputation is being kept

Know who the 3P sellers who sell your product, find out at which price, identify fraud and make sure your brand credibility is being kept

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“We are trying to understand what is profitable and what makes sense for us to sell, and that’s a challenge for us. Algopix definitely helps us out.”

Alex Cordero, Owner, StrongerRX

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