Why Brands must Monitor their Online Presence

The internet can essentially make or break your business. Getting the proper internet attention from the right sources at the correct time is crucial to brand success. On the other hand, negative publicity can take a long time to recover from. Exhaustive brand monitoring is not easy work, it entails tracking, social listening, and a lot of data. When monitoring your online presence you need to be proactive, thorough, and inclusive. 

Why Brand Monitoring is Important

The main reason brand monitoring is important is due to the extensive research customers do before making a purchase. Customers read through the reviews and ratings and a negative comment can prevent a future purchase. There are hundreds or thousands of options to choose from, so consumers do not need to compromise. Customers do extensive research and effectively choose a product they know they will love. Your company can prevent bad reviews by conducting good customer service, shipping quickly and correctly, and selling quality merchandise. Read more about customer service tips on Algopix’s blog: here.

Brand monitoring will become ever more significant if your brand is looking to drop a new product or service. Brand monitoring could prevent an unsuccessful marketing campaign or even an unsuccessful product line. This ensures you will only initiate new, lucrative business ventures that increase your bottom line and simultaneously improve your online presence. Customers and potential customers will notice your successful projects but they will remember failed projects longer. 

Brand awareness was always important, but now social media monitoring is even more important. People are always on technology, always on social media, and always aware, so communication is essentially immediate. This environment spreads the good reviews as well as the bad reviews, so your brand’s reaction time needs to be fast. 

How to Successfully Gage your Online Presence

With all the information available online, there is a lot of data to go through to assess your brand name reputation. There are many e-commerce monitoring tools that can assist you from keyword tracking, to seeing when your company is mentioned on social media, to customer service tools. Different types of eCommerce data collection services range from product research, like Algopix, or Google alerts for tracking specific keywords.

In addition to conducting good customer service and running your business well, digital media monitoring is critical. This includes closely monitoring any and all marketing campaigns. If your campaign is receiving negative feedback it should be stopped before further damage is done.

Customer engagement is an opportunity to engage with your audience and hear their opinions. Customer engagement does not just have to be on your site in the review section, but also on social media, in articles, and in the media. One solution is having an outlet for customers to vocalize complaints and concerns on your website and social media pages. This way customers can contact you directly instead of posting it on their social media to hopefully get your attention. Many customers just need clarification or something to be rectified and they’re not looking to destroy your brand’s image.

Another way of brand monitoring is understanding where your company is in the general market. See how your competitors are doing in comparison with your sales, public following, and general marketing strategies. On the other side of competitor-based brand monitoring, a way to increase publicity is through a collaboration with another more popular company. This could catch the attention of their loyal followers and give faith to your current brand followers. 

Clearly e-commerce reputation management is a big responsibility and there are many different ways to go about it. Be sure to think full picture, use the tips above, and keep up to date on your brand presence. If you have any additional tips or comments, feel free to let us know below! 

Happy Selling,
The Algopix Team