RetailX 2021

What We Learned at RetailX 2021 — And What it Means for the Future

Algopix was fortunate enough to attend this year’s retailX in Chicago. It was great to meet in person again, especially after the year we’ve all had. But even better was what we learned from attending. 

RetailX is a high-level, B2B retail conference that helps analysts, investors, and vendors alike navigate the complexities of multichannel commerce. The real-time insights it provides into an increasingly challenging sector are invaluable. 

And each year, it brings together thought leaders and professionals from all over the world, helping them keep their fingers directly on the pulse of the industry. 

So, what new insights did we learn? Read on to learn more about our key takeaways from retailX Chicago.

Key Insights from 2021 retailX Chicago

It’s always great to connect and discover new insights into the complex world of retail and ecommerce. There was no shortage of great ideas at this year’s event. However, we did notice a few common themes, including:

  • Algopix is the only company that provides actual, real-time data: We’re also the only one that accomplishes this at a granular level. Through our platform, clients can drill as deep as they want in search of new ideas and insights. And people were very excited about that. 
  • The seller information we provide is invaluable: Our customers frequently leverage product and marketplace data to generate leads and connections to powersellers. Moreover, it helps vendors, analysts, brands, and data companies better understand opportunities, competition, current trends, and more.
  • Algopix leads the pack in product catalog optimization: Beyond our rich data repositories, we owe much of our success to our customer success team, which works tirelessly with marketplaces to enhance catalog experiences and promote better product catalog management. 
  • Algopix empowers data companies to make smarter decisions: Our platform doesn’t just focus on a single marketplace, nor does it overlook any niche within retail. We provide deep insights into the world of ecommerce, helping data companies, hedge funds, and investors make data-driven decisions and facilitate strategic acquisitions. We go above and beyond to ensure we provide high-quality, accessible information for the marketplaces, products, and categories we cover.
  • eCommerce data isn’t just valuable to vendors: Analysts like McKinsey and major hedge funds have recently taken an increasingly fervent interest in ecommerce sales data — and see Algopix as a strategic partner that can provide access to this information. In hindsight, this is hardly surprising. Data is the lifeblood of these organizations, and our market leadership makes us an excellent partner. 

Coming Soon: Historical Data for Brand Performance

We also have an exciting new feature to reveal. Inspired by the close partnerships we’re forging with the world’s largest data companies, Algopix is adding a new feature to our platform — historical data. 

By the end of November, you’ll not only be able to analyze real-time snapshots of the eCommerce sector, but also examine brand performance over time. 

There aren’t many vendors that can offer the level of ecommerce sales data we do — certainly not when it comes to historical data. It’s a significant knowledge gap, and one Algopix is ready to bridge.

We’re excited to continue providing data-rich insights through our platform, and equally excited to see what the future holds. We think you will be, too. Because from where we stand, the road ahead continues to look bright. 

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