New feature: Algopix Listing Insights

New Feature: Algopix Listing Insights

Today, we are adding Algopix Listing Insights to our platform. This feature will give you a better idea as to why and how Algopix makes its recommendations and decisions. Check out this short video if you prefer a visual explanation!

It is crucial to us that you can fully rely on Algopix to help reduce your business risks, spend less on inventory, and make more on inventory you currently sell.

That’s why we feel it is essential for our users to understand how our algorithms reach their conclusions. We understand that it is sometimes hard to trust a “black box machine” when very important decisions depend on it, so we want to bring you into the loop about how and why the Algopix software makes certain decisions.

Here is an overview of the five insights that are now displayed

Cross-channel competition

Although the product is recommended in this channel, notice that it is offered on another channel in the same country for a lower price. This means users who perform price comparison may decide to purchase the product on the other channel from a different seller.

Listing identified using keywords

This listing was not identified using barcodes which might be less accurate. Please validate manually prior to sourcing this product.

Listed by a low-ranked seller

This listing is offered by a seller with less than 90% positive feedback or less than 100 ratings. There are no listings offered by a better-reviewed seller and this is currently the best alternative customers have in this channel. If you can compete with this listing’s price and have a better feedback score, this might be a good opportunity.

Displaying the lowest price from a high-ranked seller

When viewing the product in the marketplace, you might find an offering for a lower price from a seller with a low feedback score or a low number of ratings. We excluded this offer because we do not consider this to be your competition and it should thus not be part of your research.

Listing price includes shipping

In some cases, shipping cost is included in the listing price but may not be visible on the product page. This means that you might see a lower market price if you view the listing, but the final price for the user will include shipping costs. We show the price plus shipping since this is your competition’s actual price.

Additions to the Bulk Product Analysis

For the spreadsheets generated by the Bulk Product Analysis, we added a column called {market place} insights; it is the last column in the market analysis. So if you analyzed Amazon UK, you would see Amazon UK insights.

Each cell holds the titles of the insights that are relevant for the specific listing. The full explanation for all insights is available as a comment in the column header. Additionally, the insights in each cell are highlighted in yellow—the more insights a listing has, the darker the color will be.

Note that we created a separate column for the Algopix Listing Insights so that you have the possibility to filter out listings that have certain insights. For example, if you don’t want to view the listings with cross-channel competition, you can just filter them out by doing the following: Select the filter option in Excel and unselect checkboxes containing “Cross-channel competition”.

You can see an example in the screenshot below:

1. The new default view.

2. This is the view when a comment with explanations is open.

Additions to the Single Product Analysis

For the Single Product Analysis, we added the column Insights with icons to the marketplace insights section. Each icon represents a different insight that is relevant for the listing. Hovering over the icon will display the insight title while clicking on an icon will open a pop-up with more detailed explanations of the insights applicable to the listing.

Take a look at the screenshots below or head straight to the Single Product Analysis to check out the insights!

1. When hovering over an icon.

2. When clicking on an icon.

We hope you find these additions useful. If you would like to let us know what other insights would be valuable to you, just contact us (please select Missing Feature) and we’ll be happy to consider them!

Happy Selling!
The Algopix Team