Introducing: Keyword Analysis Feature

Introducing: Keyword Analysis Feature

Get ready for some great news: Algopix is officially introducing the Keyword Analysis Feature – you are now able to perform broad searches using only keywords, see all of the listings that match your search term along with their data, and go on to analyze them with ease.

We know that you’re constantly on the lookout for new market opportunities and niches. But, we also know that this is quite a challenging task. In some cases, you are initially forced to use rather vague search terms to conduct your product research since you simply don’t have a specific product in mind yet. Imagine if you could easily receive an overview of currently available listings that are relevant to your desired keyword and preferred marketplace!

You could then take your product analysis from there, using Algopix’ data-driven insights and analyses to make the most-informed sourcing decisions possible. This is exactly what the new Keyword Analysis feature offers!

The new Keyword Analysis tool provides you with a simple, but highly effective overview, of product listings related to your search phrase. Algopix’s powerful product insights are just one click away without you having to enter a specific product identifier or title. Instead, you can simply search for a keyword that need not be describing a particular item.

How can you leverage the Keyword Analysis feature?

  • Brands: Easily perform a competitive analysis on other brands, saving you valuable time and resources!
  • Resellers: Want to penetrate other niches and conduct preliminary research?
    Get a quick overview of potential products in your targeted niche and which markets to sell in while receiving insights about your estimated costs and revenue potential!
  • Private Label Sellers: Need to conduct market research before investing in your next product? eCommerce Starters: You wish to start selling online but don’t know where to get started and need some product ideas?
    Gain a general overview and feel for different markets and then start diving deeper by analyzing selected products with the single/bulk product analysis.

How does it work?

To help you get started, we created this short video explaining how to use the Keyword Analysis tool. If you’re already an experienced user of the Algopix platform, you can directly begin searching for products here. All you need to do is enter some keywords that can well be unspecific, such as “fitbit fitness tracker”, and select the market you want Algopix to analyze.

What results do I receive?

The resulting table shows you a first selection of available listings that match your search term on your chosen marketplace. More specifically, each row shows a different product with an image to make it easier for you to identify the product at a glance. Besides that, a whole range of other information, such as product title, price, identifiers, category, and attributes, are displayed.

The results can be sorted by price in ascending or descending order. The final column will differ according to the selected market: for Amazon, you’ll be shown the product’s best seller rank, according to which the results can also be sorted. For eBay, you can see the product’s sales volume from the past 30 days and for Walmart, you are given the product’s rating from reviews.

These can be sorted as well.

To take full advantage of the results, simply click on the “Analyze Product” button. This redirects you to the Algopix Single Product Analysis that you’re probably already familiar with. 

In case you’re looking to analyze all the available listings found with the Keyword Analysis, we provide the option to export the search results. You can then upload the Excel file to our Bulk Product Analysis tool and Algopix will run a full analysis of all the products contained in the file.

How does the Keyword Analysis feature help me grow my business?

Try out the Algopix Keyword Analysis feature now – just click on the link and get a competitive edge with comprehensive actionable recommendations that save you valuable time, reduce risks, and help you make better, more informed decisions about new and current products in stock and expansion plans into international marketplaces.

Happy Selling!
The Algopix Team