How to use bulk UPC code search?

How to use bulk UPC code search?

Updated September 2022

Predicting what products will bear the most fruit has always been a task considered to be one tough nut to crack. Retailers and merchants are trying to solve this riddle for centuries now, but luckily we can now let machines do all the hard work, leaving us with that exhausting task of counting the profits.

Importantly, it is not just which products will do the best, but where they perform the greatest. Using software to help with a bulk UPC lookup will help show you where the most demand is, which platform can provide the lowest fees and highest margins, and whether there is a gap in the market that you can step into.

How can a UPC code search help me?

Using this feature, you can have Algopix’s sophisticated algorithm tell you what products you should be selling this quarter and where, help you determine the best pricing points, estimate your profits after fees and expenses, and provide crucial tips for the first marketing campaign launch for each of the products. And the best thing about it? You can do it in bulk!

So basically, after completing this search, you will receive a report stating which of the products on the provided list you should go after, where to sell them and how to do it. Filtering out the ones who didn’t make the cut will only take a second. Sounds like something’s that’s too good to be true, right? Well, it is that easy!

UPC code lookup – What do I need?

First of all, in order to evaluate up to 3,000 different products at once, you will need to have a list of bulk UPC codes on a spreadsheet. You can add their respective cost prices you’ll pay your supplier if you like. It can be either a CSV file or an excel file.

In case you were wondering, UPC stands for Universal Product Code, and you can use each one of the codes on this list and more: UPC, EAN, ASIN, ISBN, MPN, GTIN.

Once the file is in place, simply visit the Bulk Analysis tab, located on the Algopix dashboard, and upload it.  

The parameters of a reverse UPC lookup

Before one can get the results we all covet so badly, the search parameters must be defined so maximum accuracy can be achieved. The fields at the top will set the Product identifying code and the purchasing price (in case it was added on the second column), along with the currency on the file.

After that, we choose the fulfillment method and shipping origin (the country from which the products will ship out), before checking the marketplaces in which we wish to offer our goods.

Last but far from least, is a checkbox asking whether or not to add an extensive Google Ads Analysis to the results, which can help tremendously with launching great campaigns in no time.   

Understanding your data

It is not enough to just plug in the codes and hope for the best. You need a clear, defined strategy. This is where Algopix comes in – our software will take your data and turn it into something you can actually use to make decisions. 

The first step is understanding what the data means. Algopix provides extensive product information for each UPC code that is queried, including:

  • A description of the product
  • The category it belongs to
  • Market trends
  • Best selling price
  • Estimated fees and expenses 
  • Estimated profits
  • And more!

This data is displayed in an easy-to-read format so that you can quickly see which products are worth pursuing and which ones are not. Remember, you can use our ASIN and EAN converters to quickly create a database of UPCs, while trying our free Amazon UPC lookup that can complete up to 100 searches per day.

The results are in, and the winner is…… YOU!

After completing all the steps in the search, an email will make its way into your inbox, and will contain an excel file with the complete report. In it, you will find the product titles next to their identifier codes, simple yes \ no answers on whether or not you should be selling it in each of the checked marketplaces along with the super-important numbers, Google keywords with search volumes, cost & competition, and even the specifications for each product!

With these search results, online sellers can concentrate their efforts in all other imperative aspects of their business, be it giving the best possible customer service, accounting, finding more ways to cut costs & increase margins, or even the marketing campaigns and building brand awareness. Is there anything stopping you from doing it? Let us know in the comments below ↓