enhance online conversions

Drive Conversions With Well-described Product Content

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major shift in consumer purchasing habits. Due to the risk in visiting retail locations, customers who were accustomed to purchasing products in brick-and-mortar stores have switched to online buying. 

In order to compensate for the inability to physically view and inspect products, online retailers must provide engaging product descriptions and enticing images to boost conversions. Ultimately, the quality of your eCommerce product content will determine your level of sales.

How can you enhance online conversions? 

One of the keys to boosting online conversions lies in catalog enhancement. Here are several tips on how to enhance your catalog and increase customer satisfaction:

  • Use advanced product data management

Consumers often seek to compare products and prices before making a purchase. If your marketplace offers an assortment of cameras, for example, the buyer will want to compare characteristics such as resolution, zoom lens, connectivity and more. By providing uniform product data for each item, buyers can accurately compare performance and prices. This facilitates the decision-making process and boosts sales.

  • Apply data-driven product management

You need to be aware of what your competitors are doing at any given time. The Algopix AI-based automated marketing platform helps you gather data about products on sale or new items introduced into the world market. Data-driven product management enables you to switch prices and offer new in-demand items quickly. 

  • Improve product categorization

The way you categorize your products has a direct impact on the customer’s browsing process. Categorize your merchandise in a logical hierarchy that makes sense to the buyer. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for, and offer similar products in case their search did not lead to the desired item. Here, again, the Algopix automated program does the work for you, saving man hours and costs.

  • Offer top-quality images and videos

While product data quality is vital, images are no less important. Due to the fact that the customer cannot feel or examine the item, show various angles or even a video of it in action. By seeing a person using or wearing the item, the potential buyer is more likely to connect to it and make the purchase. 

Ensuring short-term and long term customer satisfaction

No one will deny that short-term conversions are vital to any online business. However, by improving the customer’s user experience and ultimate satisfaction, you are opening the door to a loyal customer who will want to come back for more. By enhancing your catalog, you are building joint memories that your customers will want to repeat.

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