Discover New Selling Opportunities By Using Algopix: A Case Study

The eCommerce world is an ever-changing one, with frequent changes continually occurring in demand levels, merchandise pricing, shipment costs and much more.

Many retailers aren’t always aware of these constantly changing factors, and how much it can influence their businesses. Using Algopix can help you, as a seller, to stay up-to-date with changes happening in the different marketplaces, and make data-based decisions.

The best way to demonstrate how Algopix can help you make data-based decisions is by showing how it works, as you can see in this specific case study, illustrating the importance of real-data product research.

This is a report on a DIM Supplement, made on Algopix on Feb. 14.

We can see that on that day, there was a high demand for this product on Amazon US, the projected profit was $5.68, and it was a recommended product to invest it.

We can also see that based on the profit, competition and demand factors, Algopix recommended selling this product on Amazon US and eBay US.

Looks good, right?

But, this was all accurate to a day back in February. Let’s see the analysis for the same product, a month later:

As we can see here, the demand level for this product is still high, but see how the estimated profit is up by almost $10! $16.81 estimated profit in March vs $5.68 estimated profit in February.

Now, let’s see if there were any changes in the recommended markets, relevant to this product:

Yes! Three more markets are now recommended: Amazon AU, eBay AU, and Walmart US.

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