6 Ways the Algopix Widget Provides Value to eCommerce Software Customers

6 Ways the Algopix Widget Provides Value to eCommerce Software Customers

Providers of multi-channel management software, listing tools and procurement software now have an added value to offer their eCommerce customers.

The Algopix widget can be easily embedded on the websites of eCommerce software providers to help sellers make the right decisions about what to buy and where to sell. Using live data from 16 global online marketplaces, the widget provides recommendations, product research, competitive analysis, estimated profits and more. All it takes is just a few clicks.

How can the Algopix widget assist eCommerce software customers? Here are six of its top benefits:

1. It helps set competitive prices. 

Multi-channel inventory management software helps track, manage and organize inventory sales, purchases and production across all channels. Unquestionably, eCommerce sellers will also appreciate having quick access to the Algopix widget to help determine the right pricing for their inventory.

2. It quickly locates and analyzes competitors’ listings.

The Algopix widget makes it easy to rapidly find current listings on different marketplaces. Knowing how competitors market merchandise can greatly help those who wish to create quality listings.

3. It assists with enhanced listing design.

Listing tool customers will especially appreciate how the Algopix widget rapidly calls up product information. In seconds, eCommerce sellers can receive details that are essential to creating a comprehensive listing, including description, weight and dimensions.

4. It provides recommendations for ordering the right quantities.

This feature is a definite plus for procurement software customers who must make decisions about how much inventory to buy and sell. Having this important information easily accessible can significantly accelerate the procurement process.

5. It helps determine the best fulfillment method.

Should you handle the shipping yourself or use another fulfillment method such as Fulfilled By Amazon? The Algopix widget answers this question by rapidly indicating the best way to receive, process and deliver orders.

6. It calculates expenses and profit.

This essential data is helpful to all eCommerce software users, and particularly those using listing tools and multi-channel inventory management software. With just a few clicks, the Algopix widget analyzes your costs and reveals which merchandise is worth selling—and which isn’t.

For all of these reasons and more, it’s easy to understand why Algopix’s cross-channel product market research solution can be a valuable addition to the websites of eCommerce software providers.

Interested in learning how you can enhance your software solution with Algopix’s advanced research capabilities? Click here for more information about how you can add the Algopix widget to your website.

Happy Selling!
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