eCommerce Catalog and Market Intelligence Engine

The Insights You Need to Drive Growth, Win Market Share, Increase Traffic, Sessions, and Sales.

Businesses selling products online on Amazon, Walmart and eBay

  • Which Channels to Sell On

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Margin Estimates


Marketplaces, Brands
and CPGs

  • Product Identification and Data Enhancement

  • Market Share and Sales Estimates

  • Real-time Monitoring and Actionable Insights


The Intelligent Catalog Drives the Shopper Centric experience

Present the right products in the right way,
at the optimized price

Increases traffic

40% of marketplace traffic comes from search engines. With comprehensive, detailed product data, you can increase search engine traffic by 20%. Make sure that search engines can find you.

Raises the number of sessions

Make it clear and easy for users to find what they’re looking for. Catalogs with properly grouped and ranked product pages realize a 5% increase in the number of user sessions.

Boost conversions

The right price matters. Products that are priced properly can increase conversions by 5% compared to competitors. Make sure you’re competitively priced to make the sale.

The Algopix Advantage

Help shoppers find your products by enhancing product data.

Identify any product based on keywords, product descriptions, or GTIN. No barcode? No problem. We can still identify products properly. Accurate product identification, in real time, makes it easier to handle large amounts of product at scale.

More than just pricing

In addition to price recommendations, get an overview of product pricing, including benchmark and tracking, market share data, and trendspotting. Make intelligent price decisions to drive sales based on comprehensive market data.

Enhanced catalog data

Key product information displayed, including demand per product and estimated weight and measurements. Attribute extraction allows for comprehensive catalog data, so users and search engines can find all the info they need, quick and easy.

Let Algopix supercharge your catalog!

Our AI-powered platform improves business performance across levels


Build a catalog optimized to increase sales, with full product lists according to category, product pages ranked by search engines, and a streamlined process for adding new products.



Identify trends and react fast. Understand market share and find new business opportunities, in real time.



Gain market intelligence on price & demand, product clusters (variations), and global markets. Monitor your online presence.



Get crucial product info and data, including attributes, pricing recommendations, sales estimates, and more.


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